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Version 2.1

Fixes and updates.


Release Date: Feb 11, 2016 (Build 142)


  • Fixed an issue with seek() where calling seek() before play() would cause the seekbar to not update the playhead position during playback


Release Date: Feb 01, 2016 (Build 141)

New Features

  • ID3 Timed Metadata
  • Local Media File Playback
  • Chromecast Beta
  • Support for newly added JW7 API callbacks (onSeeked, onFirstFrame, onAdRequest, etc.)


  • Enhanced fullscreen in various layouts (Linear, Frame, Relative)
  • Improved Fragment Fullscreening


  • Fixed an issue with VAST 3.0 VMAP not working as expected
  • Fixed an issue where IMA pre-roll tags did not work as expected for live streams
  • Fixed a bug where dragging to seek would cause an infinite buffer state
  • Fixed an issue where Autostart config option was not being honored
  • Fixed an issue where a player control bar that is set to hidden would become visible in fullscreen
  • Fixed an issue where ExoPlayerWrapper is null in SurfaceHolder callback

Known Issues

  • Developers who are already using Google's Cast Companion Library and are not using version 2.6.1, should add -dontwarn com.longtailvideo.jwplayer.cast.* to your ProGuard configuration to avoid conflicts.