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Add buttons with custom callbacks

New API methods.


Release Date: December 20, 2019 (Build 92)


  • Added addButton() and removeButton() API methods allowing developers the ability to add or remove player buttons to the player control bar. When new buttons are added via the addButton() API method, they can call back to developers' custom native code.
  • Upgraded Android SDK to use JW Player 8.11.8
  • Updated order of play events.
  • Exposed creativeAdId and creativeID in the AdImpressionEvent payload for Google IMA ads.


  • Fixed issues with misaligned vertical and horizontal webVTT captions that use cue positioning
  • Fixed an issue where duplicate captions appear for playlist items that contain both side-loaded and in-stream 608 captions
  • Fixed issue where streams with IcyInfo metadata cause player crash