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Introducing Version 4

We are excited to announce JW Player SDK 4.0 for Android. This release updates the SDK its new features & UI, and many other improvements to engage your audiences intelligently and monetize your content.

Version 4 is a complete rewrite of the JW Player SDK for Android to make it easier for developers to add the best in class media playback to any Android app. Please refer to this important 4.x migration guide for Android to update your current application from version 3.x to 4.x. This guide includes important information about API changes, new features & callbacks, and will help your team with the transition process.

You may use Maven to update to SDK 4.x, or you can download the SDK 4 packages from the Players -> Downloads & Keys section of your JW Player Dashboard. Please note that version 4 of the SDKs are available to our Enterprise edition customers, and do not require new license keys because 3.x license keys will work.


Release Date: September 20, 2021

  • Improved memory management.


Release Date: July 28, 2021

General Changes

  • JWPlayerView has been decoupled from the JWPlayer API, which enables your layouts to inflate quickly and provide a responsive user experience on screens that have a JWPlayerView.
  • JW Android SDK 4.0 uses fully native controls, which simplified control customization by using ViewModels.
  • Updated Java package root to be com.jwplayer.
  • Added support for Picture-in-Picture, Related feeds, and JW Recommendations.
  • Thumbnail preview is shown as the user seeks across the content if a thumbnail track is specified for a PlaylistItem.
  • Improved accessibility support for screen readers.
  • Added helper classes to better support Background Audio.
  • Minimum OS is set to API 21.

User Interface

  • Created new menu system for new design and updated seek bar thumbnail style, Casting menu, error code screen, Next Up card, and Live interface.


  • JW Android SDK 4.0 supports IMA, IMA DAI, and JW Player VAST.
  • Added support for background loading of the next playlist item and VAST ads.
  • Added ads cue points for IMA.
  • Added feature to make IMA ad request before the ad break.
  • Added AdErrorEvent and AdImpressionEvent to help the customers to track ad related events.

API Updates

  • Created a JWPlayerCompat class that contains all of the addOnXListener() and removeOnXListener() methods.
  • Added CaptionsListEven, ErrorEvent, and SetupErrorEvent to help the customers to track the list of captions and all error related events.
  • Renamed AdSource to AdClient.
  • Renamed ImaAdvertising to ImaAdvertisingConfig.
  • Renamed ImaDaiAdvertising to ImaDaiAdvertisingConfig.
  • Renamed ImaVMAPAdvertising to ImaVmapAdvertisingConfig.
  • Renamed VMAPAdvertising to VmapAdvertisingConfig.


  • Fixed an issue where TalkBack would not read the controlbar contents correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the player does not maintain the selected resolution when replaying a video.

Deprecated features

  • VPAID and FreeWheel support.
  • CSS support.
  • Caption Styling Configuration.