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Custom Ad controls, programmatic fullscreen, improvements


Release Date: February 9, 2021

Features and Improvements:

  • Added openAdClickthrough() API to support using custom ad controls.
  • Added transitionToFullScreen() and dismissFullScreen() APIs to support programmatically entering and exiting fullscreen mode.
  • Exposed skip offset through the meta ad event.

Fixed Issues:

  • Fixed certain side-loaded caption options not displaying.
  • Fixed play button not displaying when player is loaded from complete state.
  • Fixed crash when setting an out-of-bounds captions/audio index.
  • Fixed certain caption options being omitted when playing HLS content.
  • Fixed content not replaying when replay is set to true.
  • Fixed VMAPs not working when using the JWAdsAdvertisingConfigBuilder API.
  • Fixed crash when JWPlayerViewController deinitializes.
  • Fixed crash when accessing certain JWPlayerViewController properties before the “onReady” event.
  • Fixed skip button not working on second ad of an ad pod.
  • Fixed skipping of second ad in an ad pod.