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Version 2.0

2.0 marks a significant step toward our goal of “One JW Player”. The developer-facing APIs in the SDK are native iOS classes (Objective-C/Swift), but they are wrappers around the newest version of our flagship JW Player 7 JavaScript/HTML5 library (jwplayer.js), powering new player customization options like CSS skinning and a DPI-responsive player UI optimized for mobile. Check out our blog post to learn more about our "One JW Player" vision.


Release Date: Dec. 01, 2015 (Build 33)


  • Fixed an issue where the rotation observer wasn't properly updated if multiple players were created, resulting in a crash


Release Date: Nov. 17, 2015 (Build 32)

New Features

  • Updated to JW Player 7
    • CSS Skinning Model
    • DPI-responsive player UI with mobile optimization
    • Devices with a smaller viewing area will now see a more mobile-friendly control bar UI. Font size has been increased and secondary control bar elements have been relocated to an overflow menu
  • New API Calls
    • getBuffer
    • getVisualQuality
    • get/set Controls
    • stop
    • getSafeRegion
  • Dynamically load media sources within existing player for playlists or videos
  • Captions styling from iOS Accessibility options
  • Offline Error Handling & Custom Messaging
  • Advertising
    • Non-Linear Ads (Overlays)
    • Ad Tag variable support
  • JW SDK for iOS available via CocoaPods
  • Supports 608 captions and in-line captions
  • Supports accessibility styling for both 608 captions and in-line captions
  • Supports custom styling for in-line captions

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that prevented full screen on rotation when player view is added to a view that is not the root view of the presented view controller
  • Fixed bug where MP3 & MP4 media loaded slower than expected
  • Fixed bug where the player would crash the app when opened for the first time while offline

Known Issues

  • Playlist icon does not display on the control bar on some phones
  • Ad Message will occasionally span 2 lines on some phones
  • For Google IMA prerolls, sometimes the media will appear briefly before the preroll begins
  • Calling playAd after a VMAP has been loaded using Google IMA will cause the completed ads to replay when the requested ad finishes reproducing
  • When reproducing a stream containing multiple qualities, if the viewer switches from a quality that contains embedded captions (608 captions or in-line captions) to a quality that does not contain embedded captions, the Closed Caption button might not be removed from the control bar. Toggling the Closed Caption button will have no effect
  • Occasionally toggling play/pause on lock screen will cause playback information to briefly disappear and then reappear