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Version 3.1


Release Date: Dec 07, 2018 (Build 74)


  • Fixed an issue where the player fails to initialize with error code 100012 when target name has spaces or special characters.


Release Date: Oct 17, 2018 (Build 73)


  • Fixed an issue that prevents seek from accepting a negative value during DVR stream playback.
  • Fixed an issue that shows an incorrect, current position during DVR stream playback.


Release Date: Sep 19, 2018 (Build 72)


  • Fixed an issue where an echo might be heard when the playback rate is less than 1.
  • Fixed an issue where player size is not considered when choosing a VAST ad media.
  • Fixed an issue where UIWebView baseUrl creates a URL with a file:// protocol, if relative protocol was used.
  • Fixed an issue where MPNowPlayingInfoCenter has an empty title if config.title is empty.


Release Date: Sep 13, 2018 (Build 71)


We made the JWPlayerError class public. To be able to use this class in Swift, import this class into the Bridging Header file.


Release Date: Aug 23, 2018 (Build 70)


  • As another step towards parity between our native SDKs and the web player, we have added the ability to set up custom playback rates for your media. Please refer to the sample in this documentation section.