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New Friendly Ad Obstruction API

We have created a new Friendly Ad Obstruction API class that can be used to ensure ad viewability is properly calculated by the Open Measurement SDK when using Google IMA.


Release Date: October 4, 2019 (Build 103)


  • Added JWFriendlyAdObstructions API class to replace the now deprecated JWExperimentalAPI class that enables the registration of video controls that overlay the media element. Typically, these video controls are considered obstructions and reduce the viewability rate calculated by the Open Measurement SDK. More information on how to use the JWFriendlyAdObstructions API can be found here
  • Exposed adId method declared in JWAdEvent.h for Google IMA
  • Improved fullscreen user experience by preventing any noticeable black screens from appearing during the transition to fullscreen


  • Fixed issue where UIResponder's becomeFirstResponder UI method is not being called on the main thread
  • Fixed an edge case where an exception occasionally occurs because of a call to NSString’s stringByAppendingString
  • Fixed an issue where calling play() after stop() results in endless buffering
  • Fixed an issue where the previous ad frame is loaded for 1 second before the current ad when using Google IMA VMAP
  • Fixed an issue where when the player is given an empty VAST XML file in Google IMA it causes infinite buffering