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Service Release

We’re looking forward to updates later this year where we’ll be improving our Google AMP component and adding Samsung TV app support. In the meantime, this minor release contains under the hood service improvements, as well as small updates and bug fixes to ensure the player is the best it can be.


Release Date: May 13, 2020


Core Player

  • Added a new property, cueType, to the addCues event, which adds a custom CSS class that can be used for additional cue styling in the format of .jw-cue-type-{cueType}.
  • Added a new CSS class .jw-cue-type-ads to ad cues so they can be styled separately from other cues, such as chapter markers.
  • Added support for 608 caption track names defined in the parent manifest via #EXT-X-MEDIA:TYPE=CLOSED-CAPTIONS tags.


  • To the VAST client, added support for the VAST 4.1 viewableImpression node, which adds a tracking pixel to the page when the adImpression event fires based on whether the ad is viewable at that time.


Core Player

  • Fixed a bug preventing captions from being cast to Chromecast.
  • Fixing an issue occurring in some environments where resuming a stopped live stream turns captions off.
  • Fixed an issue causing some HLS streams to stall when upshifting quality in Edge.
  • Fixed a bug where captions no longer displayed after ads in Safari.