Latest Releases JW Player JW Platform iOS SDK Android SDK


Version 2.5.0


Release Date: Build 164 (Nov 15, 2016)


  • Fixed an issue where onAdRequest(AdRequestEvent) would not fire on calls to playAd() for IMA


  • Improved the efficiency of the SDKs initial setup process
  • Replaced dependency on CastCompanionLibrary submodule with jCenter dependency
  • Upgraded Chromecast to support Google Cast Companion Library version 2.8.4


Release Date: Oct 24, 2016 (Build 163)


  • Fixed an issue where custom HTTP Headers were missing after media resumed after playing a Google IMA ad
  • Fixed an issue where ad events were not firing when calling playAd()
  • Fixed an issue where copying a Captions object would throw a null pointer exception if isDefault was not defined
  • Fixed an issue where configuring setBackgroundAudio(true), during onCreate() would result in a null pointer exception
  • Addressed an issue where the media would freeze when background audio was enabled and the user would lock, then unlock the screen
  • Fixed an issue where onFirstFrame() reported the correct time-to-first-frame (TtFF) except when an IMA preroll was scheduled


Release Date: Oct 05, 2016 (Build 162)


  • Fixed an issue where IMA Midrolls were not playing when scheduled through an AdSchedule


Release Date: Sep 14, 2016

New Features

  • Added support for Related Feeds player setup options
  • Added support for custom HTTP headers for video streams (including signed cookies or tokens)
  • onAdError message for both VAST and IMA mode now specifies if the ad was unreachable (404) or if the ad tag was empty and can differentiate between the two
  • PlayAd() is now supported for AdSource.IMA
  • Added JWPlayerView.setLicenseKey() to support the ability to set the player license key programmatically instead of in the manifest
  • Added PlaylistItem.mediaId to allow developers to specify the JW Media ID for an externally hosted media file in the JW Platform in order to track analytics for that video


  • Removed READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission from the SDK manifest. Developers must add this themselves to support local file playback
  • Added OnErrorListenerV2, improved version of onError which includes the Exception object that was thrown along with the error message
  • Upgraded IMA version to 3.3.2
  • Addressed an issue where Android 4.3 does not support WOFF fonts, which leads to missing player control icons so we now ship TTF fonts
  • New and updated callbacks events (eg. onBufferChange) for parity with HTML5 player
  • Added WindowOpenHandler in JWPlayerView to support the ability to handle an Ad Clickthru event with the ad's clickthru URL


  • Fixed a nullpointer issue when killing and restarting the app while connected to Chromecast
  • Fixed an issue in Android 4.1 and 4.3 where if a landscape layout is set, the application would crash on orientation changes from rotating the device.
  • Fixed an issue where PlayerConfig.fromJson() would not populate VmapAdvertising objects
  • Fixed an issue where the SDK would crash when the user pressed back during IMA ad playback