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JW Player

Picture in Picture

Latest Release: July 21, 2021

Picture in picture minimizes videos to a corner of the screen, allowing you to multitask in any other app or browser tab. Picture in Picture, or PiP, as it's often shortened to, works at the operating system level, as compared to our floating player, which only minimizes to a corner of the current browser tab and is not viewable when backgrounded. We've added out of the box support across Chrome and Safari on desktop and mobile devices.

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JW Platform

Media Management Workflows Update

Release Overview

Media Management workflows update. General bug fixes and improvements.


Video Management Dashboard


  • Fixed an issue that prevented Geo Blocking when selecting multiple videos
  • Fixed an issue that prevented trimming information from being saved when copying between properties
  • Fixed an issue that prevented scrolling in the Dashboard while in Trimming mode
  • Fixed an issue with Media Search Date range
  • Fixed an issue that allowed saving invalid permalinks
  • Fixed inconsistent behavior with Copy to Property feature
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Chromecast GCKUICastButton Updates

Latest Release: June 22, 2021 (Build 147)

To provide a better Chromecast user experience, we added support for GCKUICastButton, which is particularly useful in 14+, as it handles the permission requests for connecting to local devices. Any customer who uses Chromecast Sender SDK 3.0 or above should be able to use it.

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Android SDK