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JW Player

OMID Ad Support

Latest Release: May 12, 2021

Pioneered by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, the Open Measurement standard for video on the web is a giant leap forward in reducing the dependency on VPAID ads for viewability measurement. Open Measurement gives publishers transparency and control to manage the third-party verification scripts rather than running them through the ad creatives themselves, where they cannot be accessed. Our 8.20.0 release brings out of the box OMID-compliant XML support for this industry-wide specification through our VAST ad client. Google is expecting to include full OMID support soon, which will be available through our Google IMA client as soon as it’s available.

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JW Platform

Management API V2 Updates, General Platform Bug Fixes and Improvements

Release Overview

Functionality upgrade for Management API V2, which now supports API Integration for Renaming and Deleting Tags associated Media and Playlist Assets. In addition, some general platform bug fixes and improvements.


Video Management API

*Added support for Tag Renaming and Deleting in Management API V2
*Added support for Live Channels Webhooks

Video Management Dashboard

  • Users can select VMAP schedule as an option when configuring ad breaks


*Fixed an issue that prevented video search results from being displayed when filtering by date.
*Fixed an issue that displayed incorrect account status on the Billing Details page.
*Fixed an issue that displayed the incorrect error page on the ad schedules page.
*Fixed an issue that displayed the incorrect usage metrics on the Home page.
*Fixed an issue where the Management API, Media Routes, would occasionally respond with the wrong error status code.
*Fixed an issue where TimeZone was not always respected for MRSS imports

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