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Enhanced Fullscreen Handling

Our latest Android 3.6.0 release adds more flexibility to our Android SDK with enhanced fullscreen handling. The JWPlayerView now automatically detects if it is running in a RecyclerView or not and uses the appropriate handler to ensure a seamless fullscreen user experience.


Release Date: June 20, 2019 (Build 73)


  • Improved Android fullscreen handling for RecyclerView and non-RecyclerView configurations. The JWPlayerView will detect whether or not it is running a RecyclerView and will use the appropriate handler allowing for a seamless fullscreen user experience.
  • Upgraded SDK to use JW Player 8.8.6

Known Issue

  • Freewheel ads may restart when user enters or leaves fullscreen mode during playback. This does not cause multiple Freewheel ad impression pings to be sent and will not affect ad reporting.